"Transneft - Siberia" has completed the installation of five tanks on the head pump station No. 1 pipeline Zapolyarye - Purpe

JSC "Transneft - Siberia" has completed the installation of five oil tanks with a capacity of 20 m3 each head pump station No. 1 (MPs-1) pipeline Zapolyarye - Purpe. Another three tanks are working on the installation of floors pontoon type, reported in the press service of the company.MPs-1 is the northernmost point of the construction line. The launching facility in the polar winter and sustainable Morozov in one shift work 420 people. With regard to staff and management of mechanization on the object are 1080 workers. The weather on the construction site is kept operating: air temperature is about 38 degrees, the wind is moderate up to 6 m/s Light day at the beginning of February shall not exceed four hours.Currently, the headquarters No. 4 of the Directorate for construction of the project Zapolyarye - Purpe JSC "Transneft - Siberia" focuses primarily on the construction process and combined trestle. The rate of installation of this design is 5 tons per day. With consideration of permafrost in the area of MPs-1 all communications, including the main and process piping, heat and water supply, electric power cables and communication will be laid on trestles.In addition, there is mounting the fourth tank fire water capacity of 5000 m³, construction of main pumping stations, service-domestic complex with the communication and service facilities for motor vehicles.Winter in the Arctic - time delivery of all necessary for the summer period of construction materials, equipment, food and fuel. A day on the MPs-1 arrive from 120 to 150 machines with different goods. Material handling, storage of materials is available. Until the end of April 2015 it is planned to have 350 thousand tons of materials and equipment necessary for the completion of the main construction phase.

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